MacLaughlin Place

Moncton, NB

Maclaughlin place is a new area for retail located close to the Université de Moncton. The neighboorhood has all the amenities and is considered one of the up and coming areas in the city, benefitting from both pedestrian traffic and important car traffic.

Composed of multiple buildings, MacLaughlin Place is meant to be just that, a place... for life and people, and not just merchandise. Store frontage is modulated on a human scale and the spaces between buildings, often leftovers,  are here  designed as pleasant places to be appropriated by patrons and the people working here.


On a practical level, the building layouts themselves are designed to be as efficient and flexible as possible. The development seeks to attract a variegated range of businesses, all the while keeping its ability to accommodate future tenants without any major modifications to the building.


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View from Parking Lot