Hotel Wingate

Dieppe, NB

Across from the Dieppe market and Dieppe City Hall, N2SE is working on a brand new, 4 storey hotel. Construction is well under way for what will soon be Dieppe's first congress center!

The building will include 88 rooms, a pool, a large terrace, two conference rooms and underground parking. This downtown lot proved to be especially challenging: not only is the site small for such a large program, but extensive underground infrastructure had to be composed with! To add to the complexity of the project, this building has two façades: One on Rue du Marché, and a second one, just as important, facing Place 1604, Dieppe's most prominent gathering space. 

The hotel's architectural style was a careful dosing of both classical and contemporary vocabulary. It is meant to underline the civic importance of place 1604 and the downtown area while reflecting the progressive values of Dieppe citizens. 


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